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Welcome to the Wunderkammer that is all things William Frank, an author of three books of poetry, a genial performer and devoted advocate for the art and craft of our hallowed poetic tradition.  Here you'll find links to poetry samples from the books, a radio interview, tandem poetry sites, links to my Twitter page as well as a link to my Panjandrum for Poetry Blog so we can exchange ideas about poetry, alternate between frivolity and gravity and otherwise keep up to date! Feel free to click around and send me questions, comments or other synaptic phenomena via the Contact link at the upper left.

All poetry collections are available at Amazon.com and other retailers.  Samples are available via the Book links at the left and the books can also be previewed at their respective Amazon pages via the Poetry Gift Shop. There's lots to love, sing and provoke in them so I hope you visit!    

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